I found the integration from my program into Consultant Front Office incredibly straight forward and seamless. The documentation and file layout is easy to follow, not to mention that the support of the MLM staff is quick and efficient. My consultants can now download their downline, leads, customers and orders into MLM by the click of a button and it didnít even take that much effort on my part.

Mary Tatum - CTO, Tomboy Tools

Data Exchange Interface

Our Data Exchange Interface allows your distributors to import product, downline, marketing, income, purchase and sales updates into their desktop software via files downloaded from your corporate web site. Importing this information saves your distributors time, leverages your corporate marketing resources, and helps ensure business record accuracy.

There are no licensing or setup charges involved in implementing this capability. Any distributor in your company who owns a copy of our software and has password-controlled access to your site's downloading area will be able to import his or her personal data.

Works With Any Corporate System

Since downloading and importing take place after all of your normal business processes, there should be no change required to your existing business systems. Simply export the information you would like to make available into our specified formats. Consultant Front Office takes care of merging the downloaded data with whatever information already exists on the distributor's system.

We Handle The Training And Technical Support

MLM Software Solutions provides downloading and importing instructions, visual training aids, teleconference trainings and live trainings, all tailored to your business specifics. We also offer one year of complimentary technical support, an online Knowledgebase, built-in Help files and a comprehensive User Guide.

Experience shows that offering data importing has a minimal impact on the workload of your customer service staff while significantly increasing distributor efficiency (references available).

How To Get Started

Everything you need to know to implement this capability for your distributors is explained in our Data Exchange Interface User Guide. To have a PDF copy of the guide emailed to you, simply send us an email.. Please include your name, company and title when requesting this document.

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