ProPay™ Merchant Account Information

ProPay specializes in providing credit card processing services to the direct selling industry and was awarded the DSA's (Direct Selling Association) "Partnership Award" in 2004.

MLM Easy Money is fully integrated with ProPay's processing services, allowing you to upload multiple credit card payments with just a few clicks of your mouse. This results in huge timesavings for you and also allows you to easily split or delay payments without having to keep track of anything. MLM Easy Money remembers exactly which payments have already been uploaded and only highlights and selects invoices with payments that are due and have not yet been successfully processed.

To learn more about ProPay's services or to sign up for a ProPay account, just select your company's name in the box below and click on Continue.


ProPay also has partnership plans that can benefit both you and the company you work for. If you have a contact person at your company who would like to learn more about these plans, we would be happy to provide an introduction. Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call at the phone number shown below.




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