"Just wanted to let you know that this program is the answer to my prayers. We have spent hundreds of dollars on 3 other programs and countless hours trying to figure everything out but finally we have everything we need all wrapped up in one neat little package."

"I love the simplicity of this program. I was using QuickBooks but this program provides only the tools I need. Highly recommended!"

"I love this program and am recommending it to all my unit. I am actually just upgrading to Version 8, but figured I would once again tell you how much I enjoy this program!"

"Thank you so much for your training on Saturday. I was unsure how much I would get out of the presentation if it was too techy - do you know what I mean?. You were great!!! I have been telling others what a terrific trainer and designer you are. Thank you for helping all of us to make our lives easier and more efficient."

"Everything is wonderful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the software. I look forward to receiving advanced training at the Tastefully Simple Nationals in August!"




VERSION 11.0 - NEW FEATURES (August 2011)

VERSION 10.0 - NEW FEATURES (August 2008)

VERSION 9.0 - NEW FEATURES (February 2006)

VERSION 8.0 - NEW FEATURES (July 2004)

VERSION 7.0 - NEW FEATURES (February 2003)

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