MLM and Party Plan Software - Organize your tax and record keeping.

"Your help a couple weeks ago regarding my taxes was a Godsend. My accountant is so pleased he is making amendments back 2 years as my former accountant wasn't doing it correctly, eliminating COG's. Thank you sooooo much for your direction in the right path. I actually will be getting money back from the IRS!"
Kathye Poling - Arbonne Intl.

"Love this program!! I have referred everyone with our company to use this program!! It is so nice to have a complete database of customers and clients all in one click of a button! Not to mention keeping track of my inventory!! This is a must have program for anyone that has their own business!"
Bridget Plafkin - Pure Romance

The fact they my husband and I are not divorced due to tax time is a testimony to your program. The tax benefits are fantastic if you've kept decent records. It has just made my life so much easier. I think anyone who's doing direct sales should have this program. You guys are a godsend!"
Sara Fix - Tastefully Simple

"I am very happy to be using my MLM Easy Money program to organize, and control my Arbonne business. It has proven to be an extremely useful tool and I have shared this program - and Jeff - with my entire downline."
Dawn Frank - ENVP Arbonne Intl.


Increaded sales, productivity and retention

MLM Software Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce its new partnership with Rhonda Johnson, Director of the DSWA Prosperity Center. Rhonda is a well-known speaker in the direct selling profession, with real-life, practical ways to maximize home-based business deductions. By combining forces, we are now able to offer you and your salesforce a complete solution to the tax-time headache.


We will teach your sales force how to find more deductions and pay less taxes.


We will equip your salesforce with exactly the tools they need to document their deductions and file their taxes.


We will show your salesforce how quickly they can reduce debt by using their increased profits to pay down their highest interest rate loans.

With 15+ years experience in the direct selling industry, we are the acknowledged experts in the area of taxes and recordkeeping. Our solutions are practical and affordable and will help you develop and hold onto true business leaders.

To inquire about a speaking engagement with Rhonda or for more information about our products and services, please send an email to: or give us a call at: 650.594.9058.



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